Nordic Art Sunday

Nº49 Hanna Anonen

Nordic Art Sunday Nº49
Hanna Anonen is a product and spatial designer from Helsinki, Finland.

Nº48 Street Art in Oslo

Nordic Art Sunday Nº48
A major part of the Oslo aesthetic is the famous art pieces found around the streets of the city.

Nº47 Jónsi

Nordic Art Sunday Nº47
Jónsi is an Icelandic musician who is best known for being the front man of the ambient indie band Sigur Rós.

Nº46 Stellan Skarsgård

Nordic Art Sunday Nº46
Swedish actor Stellan Skarsgård is best known for his roles in Breaking the Waves, Good Will Hunting, Pirates of the Caribbean, Mamma Mia! and more.

Nº45 Thomas Vinterberg

Nordic Art Sunday Nº45
Thomas Vinterberg is a popular Danish film director, producer, and screenwriter known for his most recent film Another Round.

Nº44 Kati Outinen

Nordic Art Sunday Nº44
Kati Outinen is a Finnish actress famous for playing leading female roles in Aki Kaurismäki’s films.

Nº43 Henrik Ibsen

Nordic Art Sunday Nº43
Norway’s Henrik Ibsen is one of the founders of modernism in theatre as a playwright and director.

Nº42 Nina Canell

Nordic Art Sunday Nº42
Nina Canell is a Swedish sculpture and installation artist.

Nº41 Mika Taanila

Nordic Art Sunday Nº41
Mika Taanila is a film director and visual artist from Helsinki, Finland.

Nº40 Björk

Nordic Art Sunday Nº40
Björk is an Icelandic singer, songwriter, record producer, actress, and DJ.

Nº39 Girl In Red

Nordic Art Sunday Nº39
Girl In Red is a popular Norwegian singer-songwriter most known for her song “I wanna be your girlfriend”

Nº38 Sidse Babett Knudsen

Nordic Art Sunday Nº38
Sidse Babett Knudsen is a popular Danish actress known best for her roles in Borgen, The Duke of Burgundy, Westworld, and more.