Vinyl is back in the mainstream, there’s no doubt about it. Increasingly people are choosing to buy physical records even though they have access to most music on various streaming sites. In some parts of the world, records are more popular now than they were in the late ’80s when the CD was taking over.

Today, recordings are mostly done digitally but more and more artists choose to release their music on vinyl as well as in digital forms. So, the digital recordings are etched on to analogue vinyl, causing a difference in sound perceived by music enthusiasts as a warmer sound.

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Examples of Vinyl albums we sell

  • Of Monsters And Men: Fever Dream (2019 – 1LP)

  • Ásgeir: Sátt (Icelandic Version) (2020 – 1 LP)

  • Sir Was: Holding on to a Dream (2019 – 1 LP – 180 g)

  • Trentemøller: Obverse (black and white vinyl) (2019 – 2 LPs)

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