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Thomas Vinterberg is a popular Danish film director, producer, and screenwriter known for his film Another Round, most recently nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director. In his early career, Vinterberg graduated from the National Film School of Denmark in 1993 with The End. This took off his career as he soon won the Munich International Festival of Film Schools.


Since then, Vinterberg has released many TV dramas, short films, and feature films that have won him a variety of awards. The Boy Who Walked Backwards has won prestigious awards globally including Nordic Panorama, the Toronto International Film Festival, and the International Short Film Festival. Overall his films have been nominated for over 120 awards, winning 64 of those.


Vinterberg is one of the founding members of the Dogme95 movement alongside Lars von Trier. This was created to set rules and reintroduce elements of risk in filmmaking. This was done in order to create films based more on the traditional values of story, acting and theme to “take back power for the directors as artists” as opposed to the studio.


Additionally, Vinterberg’s most recent 2020 film Another Round was dedicated to Vinterberg’s daughter as he lost her in a car accident just the year before. His daughter Ida was actually set to perform in the film. However, after the accident, filming was halted until Vinterberg decided he had to continue with his project for his daughter. In fact, much of the film was filmed in his daughter’s school itself with many of her friends featured.

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