The creative thinking behind all DOTTIR products are nurtured by the contrasts of Nordic living, with its dark cold winters and bright warm summer nights, it’s deep silent lakes and strong ocean streams.

All products express this arabesque of sweet wildness which gives a versatile and creative expression. DOTTIR is in contrast to the minimalistic Nordic expression and sees themselves as front runners of the next Nordic Design movement. They state that it is not less is more but rather less is a bore!

The designs by DOTTIR are born from the wild and diverse Nordic spirit. Neatly handcrafted, giving a unique touch to each individual piece. DOTTIR designs are made to mix and match or to complement your existing interior, making it easy for you to express your personal style. Nordicly wild – tamed by craft.

Many of the DOTTIR designs have taken years to bring to life as only very few ceramic manufacturers in the world are able to handle the advanced production and unique glazing processes. Their designs are finalized in Dehua in the Fujan province in China, which is world famous for their “blanc de chine” production. The fine ceramic art production goes back hundreds of years to the Ming Dynasty.

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