Nú Ninja is a cultural platform for Scandinavian art & culture, created by Helga Mjöll Oddsdóttir, based in Barcelona. Our mission is to facilitate access to the Nordic contemporary art of any genre and thereby contributing to the diversity of the already culture-rich society.

We base our work on the principles of the term cultural diversity, which is the idea of everybody making a positive contribution to the larger society by sharing their culture.

In our Ninjashop you will find hand-picked Nordic items that we find to be authentic and good representatives of our modern culture.

In our article section and on our social media channels we share information about Nordic artists and cultural phenomenons.

We are always looking for ways to work with other creatives that share our goal of serving the arts. If you want to start a conversation with us, don’t hesitate to send us a line.


Helga Mjöll Oddsdóttir is from Iceland and has been living in Barcelona since 2015. She has had a creative and rewarding professional career. Educated in Iceland, Denmark and Barcelona, Helga has a Bachelor’s Degree in Clothing design, a diploma in Project Management, and a Master’s Degree in Cultural Business Management.

Helga worked as a costume designer and a producer for several years at the Akureyri Theater Company in Iceland, and in 2014 she was awarded the Icelandic national theatre awards for the best costumes.

Since living in Barcelona, she has been working as a Project Coordinator and Office Manager at Base Elements gallery and a coordinator for the artist Art is Trash.
In October 2019 Helga created her own cultural production company – Nú Ninja –

The Name Nú Ninja

Nú means now in Icelandic, as well as in most of the other Nordic languages. Ninja simply means a ninja. So, the name means Now-Ninja or Ninja of the Now.