About Us

A Cultural Platform for Nordic Arts and Culture

Who we are

Nú Ninja is a cultural platform for Nordic art & culture, created by Helga Mjöll Oddsdóttir, based in Barcelona.

Our mission is to facilitate access to new Nordic art of any genre to people in Spain and beyond. Furthermore, we are passionate about highlighting artists and cultural phenomenons that we, as natives, feel represent the development of the Nordic art scene (past, present, and future). Some of which are still in the grassroots while others are already great influencers.

We base our work on the principles of cultural diversity, which is when people with different nationalities and backgrounds make a positive contribution to society by sharing their own culture, not drop it for the sake of blending in, but educate and be educated. Practice inclusivity rather than compartmentalization. Our societies are enriched because of our cultural differences, not despite them.

How we cultivate our mission

Nú Ninja - Nordic Cultural Platform in Spain

The Name Nú Ninja

Nú means now in Icelandic, as well as in most of the other Nordic languages (then without the comma). Ninja simply means a ninja. So, the name means Now-Ninja or Ninja of the Now.

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Created by

I am Helga Mjöll Oddsdóttir, I am the founder of Nú Ninja and its artistic manager. I come from Iceland and I have been living in Barcelona since 2015.

I have been fortunate to have a creative and rewarding professional career. I have lived in Iceland, Denmark, and now in Barcelona and have been educated in all these places as well as worked in the creative sectors. As far as education goes, I have a bachelor’s degree in Clothing design, a diploma in Project Management, and a Master’s Degree in Cultural Business Management.

Workwise, I worked for several years at the Akureyri Theatre Company (Iceland) as a costume designer and a producer, and in 2014 I was awarded the Icelandic national theatre awards for the best costumes. In Denmark I worked in the film industry for a short period of time. Since living in Barcelona, I have been working as a Project Coordinator and Office Manager at Base Elements gallery and a coordinator for the artist Art is Trash.

While Nú Ninja was in development we did provide some services but in November 2020 we went live with this website, opened the webshop Ninjashop, and formally launched our operations.

We are always looking for ways to work with other creatives that share our goal of serving the arts. If you want to start a conversation with us, do not hesitate to send us a line.