Henrik Bülow

Henrik Bülow is a Danish Photographic institution in and of himself. His work is to be found in all the vanguard Danish fashion bibles, and in nearly all of their issues. 

Bülow is known for the modern and vibrant energy that clearly comes through his work and his easily recognizable style that manifests urban coolness and artistic edge. He’s a prolific framer – His vision for his work is clear so the directions on a photoset are to the point and the work well executed.


We are happy to include Henrik Bülow’s art in our Ninjashop because we find his photography style to be unique, quite simply. He has soft yet strong silhouettes, beautiful setups, and creative concepts.


The prints are made environmentally friendly by a Danish company called Paper Collective. They produce locally in Denmark using only high-quality, FSC-marked material and under certification of the Swan mark (The Swan eco-label is the official sustainability label for the Nordic countries).


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